GEJUFF Jai Shree Ram Flag (Size 30×45)

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  • Shree Ram Mandir print flag Wind, weather, and fade-resistant, this printed flag is perfect.
  • Big size 30×45 and 40×60 inch, Digital Print Material – Satin Cloth and Hi-Quality Print.
  • use at the temple, Home, prayer altar, etc. Used for Religious purposes.
  • Shree Ram Jhanda fabulously made required in religious celebration.

घर पर ध्वजा लगाने के लाभ – मान्यता है कि ध्वजा लगाने से यश, कीर्ति और विजय प्राप्त होती है। परिवार के सदस्यों की तरक्की होती है, इसके साथ ही ध्वजा या झंडा लगाने से घर में रहने वाले सदस्यों के रोग, शोक व दोष से मुक्ति प्राप्ति होती और घर की सुख, समृद्धि आती है।

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Gejuff Jai Shree Ram Flag temple flag installs in the temple, Home, prayer altar etc. Shree Ram temple flag on Flags. and pieces of cloth stamped either in a pattern of Saffron / Kesariya colour with border gota horizontally on a long string, Big Size Good Quality Print On Cloth for a long Time.

Jai Shree Ram Flag
Jai Shree Ram Flag

This is a New type and design Shree Ram temple flag Flag for Hindu Religion uses. The design is very good and the Quality is very beautiful, the colour is awesome colour is Bhagwa and the face print is black colour. The Shree Ram temple flag is fabulously made and required in religious celebrations.


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