GEJUFF Jagannath Temple Flag Purchase Online – ( SIZE-28X84 Inch) Satin Red Color Hindu Flag

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Puri Jagannath Mandir Flag

  • The flag comes in two colors: red and yellow (with a golden border) and is made of terry-cot-like silk.

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Jagannath Temple Flag Purchase Online, the Jagannath Temple in Puri, part of the Char-Dham pilgrimage, has a unique flag that behaves strangely.

No matter which way the wind is blowing, the flag on top of the temple moves in the opposite direction. This has puzzled scientists because it goes against what they would expect.

Every day, a priest has to climb the tall temple – as tall as a 45-story building – to change the flag. This tradition has been happening for 1800 years.

It’s believed that if the priest ever misses this daily ritual, the temple will be closed for the next 18 years. People think there’s some force more powerful than science at play, as the flag’s behavior can’t be explained by regular wind patterns.

  • It is believed that the flag, when used atop houses/ house main gates/ temple entrances, fills the house with positive vibes, brings prosperity and good luck.
  • keeps the inhabitants free from diseases, and evil eyes, and serves as a powerful Vastu correction instrument.
  • Ideal for puja and festive occasions like GrihaPravesha, Grihapartistha, bhumipujan, and home puja.
  • Also very pious when used in Yagnas and Homa-pujas.


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